Keri Anderson and The Big Spoonful

Blues and Soul Music

Keri Anderson

KeriTakingaShitSo I have been singing in New England for about 13 years now. I enjoy entertaining immensely and I am humble now. I consider playing out a blissful opportunity so if I get a job, recording on an album, singing back up vocals, collaborating with my band, or just writing with my musician friends, I consider it a blessing. I am always looking for new opportunities to create music, so if you are looking for a song writer, singer and performer of soul, blues, folk, jazz and rock, I am your woman.

Some of the bands I have been in in the past have been that can play for private parties and other functions STILL!

Whalebone Farmhouse ( Folk, duo/ trio )
Keri Anderson and The Big Lonesome, 5 piece ( original, Folk/ blues & jazz)
Sugar and The CaneBreakers with Keri Anderson and Craig Rawding ( 8 piece, soul, funk/ Stax )
Little Sugar and The Big Spoonful (or Keri Anderson and The Big Spoonful) , with Mike Lynch on electric guitar ( soul, delta, country, rock blues ) This is a BLUES 4 piece sometimes 5 piece band!

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